Fillion's Super hopes

Fillion as Captain Hammer

Is the superhero genre about to be played out? If not just yet, then Nathan Fillion would like to be one outside the net, please. And not just any one: The Greatest one.

"If I had a dream project right now, I'd like to grab a hold of a superhero," Fillion confessed during a chat with folks of the IFC recently. "There are so many superheroes out there, I feel like there's none left. But there is one I think I could handle, and that's a redo of The Greatest American Hero."

There's been some pretty bad Hero/Actor mismatches recently (not to name one in particular but his name sounds like Ridiculous Rage) but that casting would be absolutely spot on, AND the guy even has ideas on expanding from the original. "The same story, but the suit would be able to change and morph into whatever it is you needed him to do. So it could become armor, a scuba suit -- you could do that stuff."

Fillion mentions having met the original GAH star William Katt recently when he was invited to visit the set of his show Castle. Lucky bastard. Last I saw of Katt was him getting frozen to bits by Ali Larter after saying 2 lines on Heroes. I mean Jesus Efffing Christ if you're gonna have William Katt on your show, have him DO something at least!

Extra Tidbit: "Believe it or not, I'm walking on air..." Gonna be stuck with that damn thing in my head for the rest of the day!
Source: IFC



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