Fincher talks Chef

I Know the lot of us were crossing our collective fingers, hoping that David Fincher's next movie would be NESS, an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' graphic novel "Torso". It's about a serial killer and it features Mr. Untouchable himself, Elliot Ness. In other words, Fincher would absolutely kill it.

Instead, rumours began surfacing of a Keanu Reeves cooking comedy entitled CHEF, that would feature Fincher as the director. Don't worry, I swallowed my own vomit too. I swallowed a second load when I heard rumours that Keanu had written the script himself. I checked the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day and, well--you know the rest.

In a recent interview with MTV, Fincher finally opened up about the project.

It's like a celibate sex comedy if that means anything. It's really about the creative process. It's truly an aromatic art-form, making food. I love that idea. And I love Keanu's passion for that world...This is an original script that's very funny.

So it looks like this thing is actually happening. The only comfort I take in all of this, is knowing in my heart of hearts that David Fincher is truly a genius, and that he would never hop on to some garbage project not worthy of his time. This will probably end up being my favorite film of the decade. Happy thoughts...happy thoughts....
Extra Tidbit: Fincher was also rumoured to be adapting Anthony Bourdain's amazing book "Kitchen Confidential", but that fell through.
Source: MTV



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