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First Cars 2 teaser hits along with some concept art


We've known the vague plot of CARS 2 for a while now, but as of today we can have it described to us, vaguely, in video form.

The first teaser trailer for the Pixar film I LEAST wanted to see sequelized, and it's not much, but it's something I suppose. It informs Lightning and Mater are now secret agents, presumably aided by the previously announced Bond-style car , Finn McMissile. Sadly, he doesn't make an appearance in this exceptionally short teaser.

The film centers around an international "Race of Champions," and below the teaser, you can see some pieces of new concept art from the film, depicting various famous locales. Check out those pics along with the trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: No word on who will be voicing McMissile, but if I had to venture a guess, remember that Timothy Dalton just had a role in TOY STORY 3.
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