First Joker pic! Nah...

UPDATE - Wow, Ain't It Cool got punked twice in one weekend with fake Joker pics. This one below is nothing but a fancy Photoshop job. Here's the full story with AICN coming clean.

JoBlo and I were joking this weekend about how THE DARK KNIGHT's Joker will be the new SPIDER-MAN 3's Venom - which means we'll be getting Photoshops, screengrabs, blurry photos, etc., all with the subject line "New Pic of JOKER!!" It's enough to make you mental sometimes. The boys at AICN must know that pain as they originally posted some BS Photoshop pics but made up for it later this weekend by posting the first clear shot of Heath Ledger as Joker. Of course it's not official as in officially-released-by-Warner-Bros. but it is an official makeup test photo from the production. It's interesting in that it gives you an idea of what kind of look they're going for with The Joker but Ledger is clearly not in character so there's nothing behind it. It's an unfortunate first look at the character and I wish Warner Bros. had beat the leakers to the punch with an officially official pic. Supposedly that's coming soon but might be a little too late at this point. So now's the point on "Dieter" when we discuss the new Joker look. And......begin.



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