First Look Featurette on Fox's Gotham

Batman junkies are certainly getting their fix this week as small tidbits of information have been dropped each weekday.  Granted, yesterday's news flew somewhat under the radar, but we're bound to get your attention today as Fox has released a featurette discussing what they're planing on doing with a young Jim Gordon in the upcoming show, Gotham.  Shots of city streets and Catwoman perching atop something are abound!

Take it in here:

While I really do love the idea of a show focusing on Gordon and the city of Gotham going to hell in a handbasket, the network it's on doesn't inspire much confidence.  I know there are others who felt the same way in regards to Constantine being on NBC.  When I think Gotham, my brain wants to conjure up something gritty and filthy, like HBO's The Wire.  Fox can only get away with so much, so I'm hoping some great writing and acting can bring this show above what I think it will be. I do, however, look forward to seeing Donal Logue having some fun with his role.

Gotham will air this fall, on Fox.

In the meantime we can just marvel at the fact that Catwoman's eyes are freakishly far apart.

Source: Fox



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