First picture from Expendables 2 set features epic action trio

THE EXPENDABLES 2 is currently filming in Bulgaria, and now we have the first good photo from the set courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter (I have yet to spell his name right on my first try ever).

The image is of the “Big 3” so to speak, as it’s hard to find larger action stars than Arnold, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis. Well, at least 20 years ago. But these films are their lingering shot at action glory, and hopefully Arnold and Bruce actually get to kick some ass themselves this time instead of being mere cameo set pieces.

Arnold’s Hawaiian shirt doesn’t exactly scream “combat,” but perhaps he hadn’t changed into costume yet. Or perhaps he’s assaulting a beach resort and wants to blend in, I don’t know. In any case, looking forward to seeing the gang together again in the new film.

Extra Tidbit: Chuck Norris is in this picture too, but he's so stealthy you can't even see him.
Source: Twitter



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