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Four new Iron Man 2 character posters had better be the final batch


They lied to me! I've been promised the "final" IRON MAN 2 poster for about a month now, but here they are, cranking out more.

These four new character posters come courtesy of France, and they feature Whiplash, War Machine, Black Widow and surprisingly enough, Pepper Potts. I mean, she’s cute, but her own poster? Really?

But considering all these posters are using the same five stock images set in front of different backdrops, I’m sure this entire batch took about ten minutes to make. But even so, you really can’t go wrong with Scrajo in a skintight jumpsuit, no matter how long it took to throw up on a poster.

Check them out below, and click for bigger versions over at Ecranlarge.

Extra Tidbit: Much like KICK-ASS, I'm tired of press for this, and just want to see the movie at this point.
Source: Ecranlarge



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