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George Clooney in talks to direct the Coen brothers scripted Suburbicon


George Clooney's relationship with the Coen Brothers goes back quite a few years; the actor has made appearances in O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?, INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, BURN AFTER READING, and the upcoming HAIL, CAESAR!. Now Deadline is reporting that the actor's next adventure with Joel and Ethan Coen could take place behind the scenes.

The outlet reports that George Clooney is in talks to direct SUBURBICON from a script by Joel and Ethan Coen which would be produced by Joel Silver. SUBURBICON is said to be "a noir drama in the vein of the Coens’ breakout film BLOOD SIMPLE, with this a small crime drama set in the 1950s." Clooney's last directorial effort, THE MONUMENTS MEN, was met with mixed reviews so perhaps he's hoping that the magic touch of the Coen Brothers will give his next directorial outing a boost. The project is coming together at TriStar and according to Deadline, deals are being struck "right now."

George Clooney's next collaboration with the Coen Brothers, HAIL, CAESAR!, is a comedic period film set in the 1950's which follows Eddie Mannix, "a Hollywood fixer who works for the studios to protect their movie stars (and their squeaky-clean reputations) from gossip rags and jealous rivals eager to expose salacious scandals." Clooney plays Baird Whitlock, a famous actor who finds himself kidnapped by a group known as The Future. HAIL, CAESAR! will open in theaters on February 5, 2016.

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1:44AM on 10/24/2015
So the movie will be incredibly boring.
So the movie will be incredibly boring.
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8:48AM on 10/25/2015
Based on what?
Based on what?
6:59PM on 10/25/2015
I like the Coen brothers but I've hated every movie directed by George Clooney. They're boring.
I like the Coen brothers but I've hated every movie directed by George Clooney. They're boring.
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