Gone Baby Gone trailer

Since I'm at work right now and my computer don't got no sound capabilities, I wasn't able to watch the trailer for Ben Affleck's directorial debut GONE BABY GONE with the luxury of voice and music, and I still dug it. The movie stars Ben's baby bro Casey and Michelle Monaghan as two private investigators dealing with the disappearance of a little gilr in the Boston neighbourhood of Dorchester. Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris also make appearances. It's based on the novel by Dennis Lane, who also wrote MYSTIC RIVER, and I can see (but not hear) clear similarities between the films. We all know Affleck is a proud hometown boy so look for a strong Bostonian atmosphere to pervade this film, just like a strong Cincinnatian atmosphere pervades every movie Steven Spielberg makes, right? GONE BABY GONE is released on September 28, in glorious surround sound. Check the trailer out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, Ben and his buddy Matt are working on their next screenplay together.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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