Grave spat on again

I haven't seen the notorious exploitation flick I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE since renting it in high school -- and now I'll be saved from having to revisit the original thanks to a brand new version!

Yes, the 1978 cult classic about a woman seeking bloody vengeance on the guys who gang-raped her is getting dragged into the new century by CineTel Films, a mainly direct-to-DVD company who'll prep the new GRAVE for theatrical release. "After seeing what was done with an R rating on films like SAW and HOSTEL, we think we can modernize this story, be competitive with what this marketplace expects and not have to aim for an NC-17 or X rating," said CineTel honcho Paul Hertzberg.

Meir Zarchi, who directed, produced and wrote the original, is thrilled about the remake, claiming that he hopes it's just as controversial. After countless "torture porn" flicks in the past few years, it will certainly have its work cut out...
Extra Tidbit: Variety contacted critic Roger Ebert (who detested the original) to let him know about the remake. His response? "Ebert said only that his hope is that this time, the result is a better film."
Source: Variety



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