Grindhouse split for DVD

It is being reported now that Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF will be released - without PLANET TERROR - on DVD, on September 18th of this year. Genius Entertainment and the Weinstein Co. will be responsible. To be honest, I'm completely baffled by pretty much everything that has happened since GRINDHOUSE was released in cinemas. It's difficult to get over the fact that the thing tanked at the box-office, even more difficult for me to understand how the only talk of sequels has been Eli Roth discussing some flick that is composed solely of trailers, but perhaps the most difficult for me to understand is that DEATH PROOF seems to be getting all the glory. I know I'm not alone, because I talked about this before (and got a bunch of e-mails from schmoes voicing their agreement), in the view that PLANET TERROR was the vastly superior flick. I like DEATH PROOF, and some of the dialogue in it is a nod to Tarantino's best, but to be honest I was getting bored during some of the conversations between hot chicks. And whether that was intended - as I've heard some people say - is irrelevant. PLANET TERROR was just such a ride the whole way through, great cheesy fun, and really, really funny. Admittedly, I haven't seen the DEATH PROOF that was shown at Cannes, but I can't see how the flick could be improved to such an extent as to make it more enjoyable than TERROR. Here's hoping that PLANET TERROR gets its own DVD release soon.
Extra Tidbit: Rodriguez actually wrote the first 30 pages of PLANET TERROR back in 1998.
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