Hader's horror house?

Bill Hader is a funny cat, and can totally rock the 'stache, but he's also into horror. So much, in fact, that he's co-written his own slasher flick.

The project, now under the Apatow umbrella (no shocker), is going by the title HOUSE OF JOEL (renamed from WHEN A STRANGER CALLS A DUDE, which Hader admits was nonsensical). Hader gave a few details to the subterranean denizens at CHUD: "The idea of [the killer] coming to your house, and what do you do? I would shit my pants. That's basically what the movie is about. What if that guy decided to come to your house? What would you and your dipshit friends do about it?"

While that alone sounds simplistic yet amusing enough to get the juices flowing, when you factor in the potential Apatow cohorts who might be involved (not to mention some gratuitous bloodshed), this thing could be a real gas. The project, which Hader wrote with fellow SNLer Simon Rich, is apparently rolling along at Universal right now.

Extra Tidbit: On SNL, Hader occasionally has a Kuato.
Source: CHUD



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