Hank Azaria to voice Gargamel in Smurfs, Jayma Mays also joins cast

UPDATE: Neil Patrick Harris confirms that Azaria's role as Gargamel will be live action, as well as the character's cat, Azrael. YES!

Most of our news for the SMURFS movie has us wondering who will be Gargamel.

No longer must we wait! EW is reporting that Hank Azaria will voice the evil sorcerer of the Smurf village. Wait...voice? They aren't going to have him dress in the black cloak with the red shoes? Well, that's sort of disappointing.

It was being rumored that Wallace Shawn would take on the role, but obviously that didn't work out. Sorry to everyone who wanted Alan Rickman. Maybe watching him as Snape in one of the HARRY POTTER movies will make you feel better. Hank Azaria is always f*cking hilarious, so it's cool to see him on board.

Jayma Mays from GLEE will be joining the cast as well. Mays will play Neil Patrick Harris' pregnant wife. The EW article states that, "the couple will have their lives turned upside down when they meet the blue creatures." I guess Harris will be the human that helps them when they get in some sort of Smurf jam with Gargamel.

The film, directed by Raja Gosnell will take place in New York's Central Park and should production next month.

I don't give a crap about GLEE, but isn't Jayma cute?
Extra Tidbit: I tried not to use Smurf in place of cussing this time.
Source: EWMTV Movies Blog



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