Hanks back for Da Vinci

Although it's reported only as 'solid rumour' since Cinema Blend's source apparently cannot be named at this time, it looks like Tom Hanks is going to be taking that squirrel he calls a wig back from Nicolas Cage (who was using it for NEXT) and putting it back on for ANGELS & DEMONS, a sequel to last year's DA VINCI CODE.

With Ron Howard most probably back to direct and Akiva Goldsman writing the script, it is a reunion of the team that brought us the original and made ridiculous money for Sony.

The sequel, which is based on another book by author Dan Brown (and was actually written before THE DA VINCI CODE), follows Robert Langdon (Hanks) as he comes up against the Illuminati (a shadowy secret society) and searches for the most powerful energy source in the world along with a beautiful Italian physicist who is trying desperately to force Langdon to get a respectable haircut. Except substitute that stuff about getting Langdon to get a haircut with trying to solve the mystery of her father's murder.
Extra Tidbit: Cinema Blend also reports a rumour that Gisele Bundchen is to play the role of the Italian physicist.
Source: Cinemablend



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