Harry Potter trailer hits

Well if you're a fan of the books or the movies or the fact that very soon you won't have to feel guilty about having a thing for Emma Watson, then you mighty want to slide over to AOL.com and check out the new trailer for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Gary Oldman is the obvious highlight for me, that guy can do no wrong in my book. Other than that though, it seems to me like the HARRY POTTER movies actually do - unlike most franchises - manage to improve with every successive addition. I could be talking out of ass here, and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of them, but I have seen every one so far and my gut feeling has been that the newest is always an improvement. This looks no different, and while for most of us, the fact that it looks darker and more adult is a good thing, I'm pretty sure the target demographic for the movie should still be kids and I don't know how much of the dark arts and Voldemort running around looking like Michael Jackson, kids of today can take. Anyway, check the trailer out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Jean-Pierre Jeunet (AMELIE) turned down the opportunity to direct the movie.
Source: AOL



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