Hathaway to star in An Education director's next

After directing AN EDUCATION to a Best Picture nomination and critical praise, Lone Scherfig was a director in demand in Hollywood. Now the director has decided on her next project and snagged Anne Hathaway as her star.

Scherfig will direct ONE DAY, an adaptation of David Nicholls' novel of the same name. Hathaway will co-star in the film with Jim Sturgess (21) that will begin filming this summer in London. They two will star as a couple who hook up after they graduate college. While they go their separate ways, the story revisits them on the same day, July 15th, in the following years. The actors will star as their characters from college-aged to middle-aged as they progress through the story.

Nicholls is currently working on a draft of the script himself though that may be polished before filming actually begins. Hathaway recently wrapped filming on the Ed Zwick film LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS with Jake Gyllenhaal while Sturgess just finished THE WAY BACK with Peter Weir.

Extra Tidbit: This sounds like it could be a pretty depressing movie.
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