Head down Fury Road to Wasteland Weekend, the world's largest Mad Max festival

Wow, I'm shocked I'd never heard of something this awesome until now, and now that I have, I really want to go. It's a MAD MAX recreation event in the desert where everyone pimps out their cars with armor and spikes, and does the same to themselves. When/where/why? Read on:

Wasteland Weekend is a three-day post-apocalyptic party in the desert. Friday, October 22nd to Sunday, October 24th 2010. Join the hundreds of fans coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert. Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets. Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged.

Live for three days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies, beyond the grip of so-called civilization. Top DJs from all over will provide the soundtrack, fire dancers and bonfires will light up the night, and modified vehicles will shake the earth with their engines. Don't miss it! Tickets on sale now. This is an ADULTS ONLY event.

I'm not sure whether or not this would be a lot of fun or just scary as shit, as I don't know if the people most likely to attend an event like this would be leatherbound bikers or avid film fans. Maybe a combination of the two.

Find out all the details here at the Wasteland Weekend website. And don't forget, our own Digital Dorm is currently running a contest where you could win your very own copy of Mad Max on Blu-ray. Enter here!

Extra Tidbit: Alright, now how do I mount this gatling gun to the top of my Ford Focus?



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