Heigl, still wonderful

In case you've missed all of the wonderful little things Katherine Heigl has been doing throughout her career (and no doubt her life), here's another nugget to add to the collection. Seems like she priced herself out of VALENTINE'S DAY (the ensemble rom-com starring Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, and a bunch more) by demanding a "ridiculous" sum of money.

"Producers at New Line originally had Katherine on their casting list. They wanted her for the project, but during the talks, she came back demanding $3 million for the role." Our source calls that number "ridiculous" because the movie has "an ensemble cast where there is really no one lead role. Actors are only filming between three and 14 days, and no other actors asked for nearly that amount."

To be fair to her, one of Katherine's reps did repond by saying the story is ludicrous. But who the hell cares about being fair to this bitch.
Extra Tidbit: Once, at the zoo, Heigl choked out a squirrel. True story.
Source: NY Post



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