Hellboy DVD Red Carpet

Guillermo del Toro is a master of show. He has created some of the most fascinating visuals on film. Whether it is PAN’S LABYRINTH or BLADE 2, he always creates a memorable world of wonder. And with the recent DVD release of HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY, he continues to bring his own unique vision to the world of home entertainment. With the Blu-Ray edition, he offers much more than your typical DVD viewing experience. Big Red is brought to life with pages from the directors diary where you can find yourself an up-close and personal view into the mind of del Toro. There is a set visit that is humorous but doesn’t hide the massive task of creating this sequel. Much like the care and devotion he pours into his films, he continues this by being a major voice in the home video release. But more on that later…

On this day of HELLBOY II’s release, Guillermo offered a group of journalists a glimpse at what we could expect with the films release. Along for the ride included cast members Selma Blair, Jeffrey Tambor and Doug Jones. Also joining in the festivities, Mike Mignola and Mike Richardson to share in the excitement. Not only did we get a sneak peek of the Blu-Ray release, we were given the chance to visit the Hellboy universe as the Element in Hollywood was transformed to create a place where creatures roam. It was a fantastical vision with a ton of incredibly delicious apple tarts passing from guest to guest. Trust me, they were quite good.

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But before the party, before the Q and A and before the announcement of a chance to see the film along with Mr. del Toro via technology, we found ourselves on the red carpet. We talked vinyl and videotape with Doug Jones. We spoke to Ms. Blair about her revealing moments in STORYTELLING. We talked about another MY NAME IS BRUCE with Mike Richardson. And then there was the man of the hour himself. Guillermo talked about his love for the Seventies, and of course, what del Toro and Lovecraft have in common. And yes, it is something than fans will be very happy to hear… at least this fan was. What about THE HOBBIT you ask… let’s just say the furry footed fellow was not forgotten.


Guillermo del Toro and Selma Blair

Mike Mignola and Doug Jones

Jeffrey Tambor and Producer Mike Richardson

Stay tuned for more fun as Hellboy and the rest of the gang turned Hollywood into Hellboywood. You like that? I just made it up… We’ll have more on the Q&A, Guillermo introducing us to the Blu-Ray special features, and of course more news on the live audio commentary that will be happening later on this month.

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