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Here we go again, Die Hard 6 is back on the drawing board with Len Wiseman


Even after A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD was almost universally panned by just about everyone, it seems that you can't keep John McClane down. Rumours of a sixth DIE HARD film had been spoken of even before A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD was released, but development on the sequel screeched to a halt after the critical thrashing that the last film received. Now it appears that DIE HARD 6 is back on the drawing board with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD director Len Wiseman and Lorenzo di Bonaventura stepping in to take the franchise in a new direction.

Deadline broke the news and included one tidbit which will either have you rolling your eyes or mildly pique your curiosity; Wiseman and di Bonaventura are searching for a screenwriter to craft a reinvention of the DIE HARD series and take it into prequel territory. There will still be a space for Bruce Willis to play McClane, but Deadline reports that he would be book-ending a story line which will place much of the action in 1979, when John McClane "was a cop in gritty New York City and showing how he became a die hard kind of guy."

Lorenzo di Bonaventura became involved when Fox was looking to convert one of his project into a DIE HARD film and Len Wiseman was able to come up with a new angle on the story. As this is still very early days, there's no deal in place with Bruce Willis but he's apparently being kept in the loop. Another terrible DIE HARD film won't diminish the sheer entertainment of the first three films (hell, even the fourth wasn't that bad), but the series definitely needs a major shot in the arm after A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.

Is the idea of a DIE HARD prequel appealing and if so, who do you see as a young John McClane?

Extra Tidbit: I suppose they could always get Joseph Gordon-Levitt back to play young Bruce Willis.
Source: Deadline



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