I Am Legend poster

If (or when, depending on your level of realism acceptance) there’s a global disaster that leaves a world filled with horrible hemoglobin-sucking mutants, my advice to you is: be heavily armed, and be Will Smith.

Smith stars in the adaptation of Richard Matheson's vampire story I AM LEGEND, and Coming Soon has your first look at the poster (see it nice and big and bleak RIGHT HERE). The influential tale of terror follows Neville, the last living man in a postapocalyptic New York where he contends with hordes of bloodthirsty nocturnal mutants, the result of a catastrophic worldwide plague.

The big-budget Warner Bros. flick is directed by Francis Lawrence, who already captured a hellish landscape with CONSTANTINE (which, coincidentally, took place in LA, the original setting of I AM LEGEND). Besides a metric f*ckton of hideous man-monsters, the flick stars pretty ladies Salli Richardson (Sci-Fi Channel's EUREKA) and Alice Braga (CITY OF GOD), seen below on set with Willie.

The trailer hits this weekend with OCEAN'S 13, and not long after (or before) online.

Extra Tidbit: Ridley Scott, Rob Bowman, Michael Bay, Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nic Cage, Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell have all been attached to the project during its lengthy trek through development hell.
Source: Coming Soon



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