I Am Sgt. Rock

The Sarge gets mean

Apparently Joel Silver has been laboring for 20 years to have DC's WWII non-superpowered hero Sergeant Rock on the big screen. Silver and producing partner Akiva Goldsman feel that the latest director they've attached to the project will be the one to finally make it happen.

Warner and Silver Pictures have tapped I AM LEGEND helmer Francis Lawrence to direct the SGT ROCK movie from a modern-take script by Chad St-John, a newcomer who's also working on an update to the Sean Connery "classic" OUTLAND.  The film would uproot the sarge from Nazi-fighting to a more current (and probably middle-eastern) setting, 'cause if INGLORIOUS BASTERDS proved anything it's that WWII can still make for kick-ass movies and we wouldn't want THAT now would we???

So let's recap. Akiva Goldsman producing - check. Absolute unknown writer -  check. Completely change the comic book's setting- check. Only thing missing is Nic Cage. I wonder if they'll send someone to pick up their Razzie in person.

Extra Tidbit: Does this mean the LEGEND prequel is being pushed back? Do we mind???



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