Idiocracy DVD trailer

Idiocracy The Mike Judge comedy IDIOCRACY, in which Luke Wilson plays a soldier chosen to test a military hibernation experiment and what was supposed to be a one year cryo-sleep becomes a five hundred year leap into the future where the population's become so dumbed down, he's the smartest person alive, hit theaters for about two hours last September before all copies of the film were destroyed and burned because studios apparently despise anything even remotely associated with Mike Judge. They, at least, however deemed the film worthy to be put on DVD and, along with that, Amazon has posted a trailer for the film that you can check out over HERE. The folks over at "Solace in Cinema" have also managed to unearth some clips, which you can see HERE. There's been some talk that the film sucks but even mediocre Mike Judge comedy is better than no Mike Judge comedy, right?

Extra Tidbit: The film was originally titled THE UNITED STATES OF UHH-MERICA.



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