Igor gets Cusack

John Cusack has signed on to replace Christian Slater as the lead in the upcoming CG movie IGOR for director Tony Leondis (LILO & STITCH 2). If my name was that close anyway, I'd give serious consideration to change it to Tony 'Leonidas'. That would be awesome. You could get anything green-lit if your name was Leonidas. He could be like "... yes, a comedy about a bubble that is created when a man played by Jack Black farts in the bath, and the adventures he has with the toothbrush voiced by Carrot-Top" and the studio would be all "Tony, that's madness", to which he'd go "Madness?...." well, you know how it would play out.

Cusack will play Igor in the comedy about a brilliant scientist who is unfortunately born with a hump on his back. He serves cruel Dr Glickenstein (John Cleese), but invents Eva (Molly Shannon), a giant monster in the hopes of winning the annual evil science fair.

Sean Hayes (WILL AND GRACE) also joined the cast, which includes Jeremy Piven (SMOKIN' ACES) and Jay Leno.
Extra Tidbit: Of the four stars of SERENDIPITY, Cusack, Piven and Shannon were the three I'd probably not want to go out on a date with.



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