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Interview: American Reunion Stars Seann William Scott and Eddie Kaye Thomas

Apr. 5, 2012by: JimmyO

Seann William Scott is a friend to JoBlo and he also happens to be one hell of a funny guy. He is a fan of the site and both he and I have had some fun in the past when it comes to interviews. Most memorable was the time he trashed some of his earlier work. Yet add the very nice and also very funny - Eddie Kaye Thomas into the mix and you have two of AMERICAN PIEs most notable characters Stifler and Finch. And yes, the two return in AMERICAN REUNION.

Things started off fine during the interview. It was all going perfectly well... that is until we got to talking about the Stiflers mom storyline that has been a major part of the AMERICAN PIE franchise. Apparently Eddies mother is a very attractive woman, so Seann mentioned that he would like to pleasure in her company. In other words he wanted to f*ck Thomas mom. I love Seann as much as I felt for Eddie is all I can really say.

AMERICAN REUNION opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Im trying to promote a movie and hes talking about f*cking my mom!

Extra Tidbit: Did you like MR. WOODCOCK?


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7:55AM on 04/05/2012
That was fantastic
That was fantastic
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