INT: House Bunny gals

I happen to think that Emma Stone will be huge. She has a remarkable quality about her in which she can play the geeky but sorta cool chick or the incredibly hot chick that doesn't realize how cool she is. As for Rumer Willis and Katherine McPhee, truthfully I hadn't had much exposure to either of them, but I finally got the chance to see THE HOUSE BUNNY and see just what they had to offer. While Bunny is not made for someone like me, I do think that the pre-teen Hannah Montana fans will enjoy the "be yourself" tale of a Playboy Bunny who changes the lives of a house full of unpopular girls.

I was lucky enough to talk to Emma before when SUPERBAD was making the rounds with the press. I had not yet had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Willis and Ms. McPhee. But I did find each one of them to be very sweet. Even if I didn't have the heart to answer Rumer's inquiries as to my enjoyment of the film... 'Hey, you guys look great!' But it really was a pleasure talking to each of them and I know there will be an audience for THE HOUSE BUNNY starring the absolutely lovely Anna Faris. And if you think you may be in that group in need for a little girl power, you can check it out this Friday at a theatre near you.

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