INT: John Malkovich

To this day, there is one film that I will always remember having one of the most hypnotic and powerful moments of dialogue. “It is beyond my control.” and John Malkovich spoke it with such a cold, frightening disdain in DANGEROUS LIASONS. And that is but one of this amazing actor’s achievements‘. A few others include IN THE LINE OF FIRE, OF MICE AND MEN, SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE and several others. Not to mention the fantastic BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.

I sat down with him at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Immediately he noticed an almost pornographic feel from some of the online names, including JoBlo. Yes, we get that every so often, and John seemed to find it very funny. Yes, he seems to be very aware that he is probably one of the greatest actors alive. But he was still quite nice and interesting to talk to. He also spoke of his other film this year called KLIMT which he is terrific in. But it was all about BEOWULF, which you will get to check out this coming Friday, November 16th.

Source: JoBlo.com



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