INT: Method Man

Any hip-hop aficionado knows the impact Method Man made with his legendary rhymes more than a decade ago. An original member of the recording team Wu-Tang Clan, it was only a matter of time before the artist and record producer got bitten by the acting bug. He illustrated his diverse talents, and immersed himself in Hollywood by appearing in films like GARDEN STATE, SOUL PLANE and VENOM. Method Man shows us what he’s got by epitomizing the role of a Jamaican Drug dealer in Jonathan Levine’s recent conception, THE WACKNESS.

Method Man’s flawless Jamaican accent and tough disposition as Luke’s ganja dealer is authentic, yet outright funny. His commanding presence and impeccable comical demeanor, translate into pure entertainment; even opposite the legendary Sir Ben Kingsley. Taking it back to the old school 90’s, it was an “ill” experience to meet and rap with the artist. He was totally chill and candid in expressing his passion for music, dislike of today’s hip-hop industry, his progressing film career, and personifying a weed dealer in THE WACKNESS. Check it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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