Interview: The girls of Get Him to the Greek!

The always lucky JimmyO got to speak with both of the beautiful and funny ladies from GET HIM TO THE GREEK - Rose Byrne and Elisabeth Moss. You can find his interviews with each listed separately below!

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is super pretty. Seriously. She is just delightful to look at and even though I had the chance to visit the set of INSIDIOUS, directed by James Wan and staring the lovely Rose, I didn’t get to see her. So finally, I got to meet the woman that turned heads with her work on “Damages” and even brought me to tears in ADAM. She is not only very pretty, she is a wonderful actress. But you’ve never seen her do anything like Jackie Q in GET HIM TO THE GREEK.

The strangest thing about meeting her in person is that I forget about where she was from. That is, until I heard her lovely Aussie accent. She was an absolute pleasure to talk with. She is kind, charming and easy on the eyes and ears. We talk about the inspiration behind Jackie Q, the love interest of Russell Brand's Aldous Snow.

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss has garnered a lot of attention for her work in hit television series on AMC’s “Mad Men”. I’m not surprised. She has a beautiful energy that is extremely vulnerable, yet very tough and no-nonsense. She is also extremely good in GET HIM TO THE GREEK as the ever-so-dependable girlfriend to Jonah Hill’s character. But even there, she is nearly too perfect as she seems to make all the rules in their relationship. But dammit, she’s still so utterly adorable.

And guess what? She is absolutely adorable in person. I spent a little more time in her area and we talked about iPhones and how it is really hard to make a mistake call if you lock yours. Holy crap, Elisabeth is the real deal. She’s talented and she’s pretty and funny… seriously, Rose Byrne and Elisabeth Moss in one day made for a pretty amazing time. Oh yeah, go see her in GET HIM TO THE GREEK this Friday; she’s terrific.

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