Is a Wolfman reboot going straight to DVD?

THE WOLFMAN with Benicio Del Toro has its fair share of fans, but overall most were unimpressed with the film, and so news of a sequel seemed exceptionally odd.

But now the sequel has become a reboot, the new film is said to have nothing to do with the previous version, and is now titled WEREWOLF.

The news today is that the project has picked up a director in the form of Louis Morneau. This is significant when you look at the kinds of films he's directed in the past including Joy Ride 2 : Dead Ahead”, “The Hitcher II : I’ve Been Waiting”, “Bats” with Lou Diamond Phillips, and “Retroactive” with Jim Belushi.

That roster, especially the recent horror sequels, would seem to indicate that this project might be headed straight to DVD. I understand crappy DVD sequels, but a reboot like this? That would seem like a rather odd move. Perhaps this will make to theaters after all, but if it does, will you show up?

Extra Tidbit: We need to invent some new monsters.
Source: Moviehole



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