Is Kirk made of Pine?

UPDATE: Since the below report on 10/10/07, Smokin' Joe Carnahan has posted on his blog that Chris Pine apparently opted against starring in WHITE JAZZ in favor of taking the comfy chair on TREK's bridge. Set your phasers to "Oh really?".

Could that Road Warrior-looking loon right there be legendary Enterprise captain James Tiberius Kirk?

It's apparently a possibility -- just after Eric Bana was announced as the villain in JJ Abrams' impending STAR TREK flick comes word that actor Chris Pine might be portraying the early life of Starfleet's youngest Gorn-fighting, Kobayishi Maru-defeating, alien babe-groping officer. Pine previously had the misfortune of starring in the Lindsay Lohan dud JUST MY LUCK, though JoBlo readers would better know him as the medium-sized psychotic sibling of SMOKIN' ACES Tremor Brothers.

Rumor (or misdirection -- who knows what subterfuge Abrams will employ to keep a secret) recently had his CLOVERFIELD / 1-18-08 star Mike Vogel a frontrunner for the part. Meanwhile, blue-eyed "It Boy" Pine will reportedly have to weigh making TREK or reuniting with his ACES director Joe Carnahan for his Clooney-led crime noir WHITE JAZZ.
Extra Tidbit: Let's hope Abrams' movie erases Kirk going out like a bitch by having a bridge dropped on him in STAR TREK GENERATIONS.



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