Is this what a Wonder Woman movie would look like?

After wearing essentially the same outfit for the past 69 years, Wonder Woman is finally getting some new duds. Jim Lee and writer J. Michael Straczynski are rebooting the character in issue #600, which will hit newsstands today (does anyone still actually buy comics from a newsstand?).

As you can see to the right, Wonder Woman's new costume looks exactly like what you might expect if the WONDER WOMAN movie ever made it to the big screen. Gone are the red bustiere and the so-called hooker boots. Instead it's a rather demure and modern outfit that Lee and Straczynski hope will allow the character to blend in a little better with modern society. It also was created to match with her new background that changes the character slightly. Instead of growing up on Paradise Island, like her DC brother Superman she was now shipped off to America as a baby.

So what do you think? It's certainly not as bad (nor as drastic) as when DC reimagined Wonder Woman as some kind of glamorous mid-60s hipster. And while it does buck the tradition of the classic suit, it does make sense to bring the character into the modern ages (especially if you're trying to get a movie off the ground).

Extra Tidbit: If she wants to blend in, she might want to grow her bangs over that tiara.
Source: DC Comics



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