Island pushed back

Yesterday, I showed you guys a cool Japanese poster for SHUTTER ISLAND. Well, I feel like the queen of jinx today, as it has been pushed back to February 19th, 2010.

Now obviously, this isn't all my fault, but there are a few reasons for the push back:

1.) Paramount doesn't have enough money this year to market a huge movie like this one. Apparently they would need somewhere between $50 and $60M. But a source says that it's got nothing to do with lack of money, just that DVD sales have been down.

2.) Leonardo DiCaprio will not be able to promote the film internationally.

3.)The studio decided to go with the new release date because they hope to have the same luck as SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, when they released on that day. This will make it easier for the film to get nominated for an Oscar, as was the case with LAMBS, since it is being released towards the beginning of the year. Plus, the academy just recently expanded the Best Picture nominees to 10.

I thought the October release was perfect, but maybe it doesn't matter. I read yesterday that they were setting it up to look more like a horror film, but really is a psychological thriller. Man, I need to read this book.

Extra Tidbit: DiCaprio was set to star as Patrick Bateman in AMERICAN PSYCHO, but dropped out and Christian Bale nabbed the part.



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