James Cameron might be doing a Hiroshima movie next

James Cameron is living down his reputation as the "slow" director, as it appears he's invented all the technology he needs to start making all his future films, and is now hoovering up projects left and right. His latest? He’s optioned the rights to Charles Pellegrino’s book, "The Last Train to Hiroshima," which weaves together accounts of Japanese and Americans who witnessed the atomic bombs of WWII.

This explains why a little while back, Cameron flew to Japan to meet with Tsutomi Yamaguchi, the only living man (until his unfortunate passing a week ago) to survive BOTH atomic bomb explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, simultaneously having both the best and worst luck of anyone who has ever lived.

So yes, Cameron has optioned the book, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be behind the camera, though he HAS said he’s not a fan of producing, as it doesn’t offer the same satisfaction of directing. And as the man who did everything from CGI creature design to makeup effects in AVATAR, I can’t really see him relinquishing control of a project to someone else.

Extra Tidbit: Yeahhh, do BATTLE ANGEL first please.
Source: Variety



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