Joker O'lantern rots

UPDATE 2: For those (like me) who can't scavenge, this Wiki page is doing a good job of updating all the Joker's clues with answers...

UPDATE: The pumpkin has disappeared, and now the Joker has a job for you. See for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Just the other day we pointed out that over on the Joker's "unofficial" website, a pumpkin carved with Batman's symbol had appeared, complete with spooky flickering candle.

In the interest of keeping the obsessive DARK KNIGHT fans appeased, here is an update on the aforementioned decoration: the candle has burned away to a mere nub, and the madman's gourd appears to be rotting. Curiously, the deterioration only seems to be affecting one side of the pumpkin's face, a possible allusion to another Bat-villain. See for yourself RIGHT HERE.

The slow decay and melting wax seems to indicate a countdown to some potential event occurring on Halloween. The horror!
Extra Tidbit: The design of Joker's pumpkin is clearly a reference to THE LONG HALLOWEEN, a self-contained Batman story arc that featured the image (as above).
Source: whysoserious



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