Jolie in Thomas Crown sequel?

I didn't dislike THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, but it wasn't one of those films that lit up my life either. I think I just struggle to get past Pierce Brosnan playing any role that isn't James Bond. I'm fairly young, so to me, Brosnan will always be the quintessential 007. I'm sure I'll get a lot of unwarranted hate from that, but let's move on anyway. Apparently, Angelina Jolie has been offered the lead female role in the proposed sequel to CROWN, TOPAKI (Topkapi). The film will be based on an old Peter Ustinov crime caper and adapted to fit good old Mr. Crown. Still, let's call a spade a shovel, the draw here is the fact that Rene Russo get all kinds of naked in the original, so it would be bad taste if Angelina Jolie refrained from doing the same in the sequel. I don't want to say something stupid like she has to take her clothes off, I'm just saying Rene did it, so maybe that should be the way to go. I'm just putting it out there. Sequels should be building on the foundations laid by the originals. It's just natural. And even Angie can't fight nature. It's not like she's Hoggish Greedly or something.

Hopefully we'll get news of further developments soon.
Extra Tidbit: Russo's nude scenes in the original were actually the first of her career.
Source: MovieHole



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