Jones wants Hobbit

MTV caught up with Doug Jones (HELLBOY) recently, who discussed his intention to re-team with director Guillermo Del Toro for THE HOBBIT:

“There’s been lots of speculation. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything. Guillermo creates things with me in mind and he’s got a better image of what I can do than I do... However, there might be an elf king, father of Legolas kind of character that I would love... Guillermo definitely needs to make ‘The Hobbit,’ and he needs to make it right. So I want him to take his time on that... But I also want him to bring me in on it. Are you listening Guillermo?”

This is all really interesting of course, but the more important question is does Doug Jones get a lot of Hollywood tail? None of the hot young chicks even know what the hell he looks like, so surely not, right? The guy has starred in films like 4: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, HELLBOY, LADY IN THE WATER and DOOM, but you'd still have trouble picking him out of a line-up involving Voltron and five of your own family members. It's a damn shame, I say.
Extra Tidbit: Jones' makeup in HELLBOY usually took six hours.
Source: MTV



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