Jumper comic contest

By my count, JoBlo/AITH readers have won at least three studio-run design contests over the years so I know you're a creative lot. Not to mention I'm frequently asked how someone can get an example of their work in front of a studio executive. Well now I have an answer for you. Fox has just launched the JUMPER Comic Contest that challenges you to create a short movie based on the new JUMPER comic book from Oni Press. Basically what you would do is head to the official site, download the comic pages and create a short movie based on the story in the comic. The winner will get a trip to LA to chat with JUMPER director Doug Liman AND a MacBook Pro with Final Cut 2 Editing Suite. Sweet indeed. Sadly the contest is open only to residents of the US ages 18 and over and even more sad is that no pornographic entries will be accepted. Damn! My short titled "Humper" is invalid!! The good news is that you can make multiple original shorts and submit a brand new one with each new day. The contest is good until February 21st so get crackin!

Source: Fox



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