Kaley Cuoco signs on to nurse Easter Bunny back to health

With our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating Passover this week, the Catholics among us are getting ready to rock some Easter this weekend. Normally Easter is one of the holidays that doesn't come with the tie-in movie (with the exception of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST). That's all about to change with the upcoming Universal comedy I HOP. The film follows a man who goes to the famous pancake house on Easter morning and eats unlimited pancakes until he gets sick. No wait, that's IHOP the movie. This is the version that will star Russell Brand as an animated Easter Bunny.

Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory") has signed on to co-star in the film and contrary to some internet reports, she won't be voicing a character. I HOP is not an animated film like DESPICABLE ME, it's a live-action/animated mix not unlike ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS (in fact the film will be directed by Tim Hill of ALVIN fame/infamy). Cuoco and James Marsden will play a couple who accidentally injures the son of the Easter Bunny and must nurse him to recovery.

I'm guessing Brand's Easter Bunny will be less Bugs Bunny style and more "realistic" like the current trend of talking animal movies (wasn't it so much more fun in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? with actual cartoons interacting with humans?). The studio looks to get the film into theaters next spring for the big Easter weekend. As for that seminal Passover movie we've been waiting for?...

Extra Tidbit: Really James Marsden?
Source: THR



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