Karate Kid pics

Some photos from the reboot of THE KARATE KID have arrived for your pleasure. Wait...pleasure is definitely the wrong word to use here.

I don't really want to hate on this since it's not really aimed at my demographic. It's possible that there will be a million kids who will love it, and want to grow up to be awesome ninjas. I'm just glad that my KARATE KID was the one from '84 with the classic, 'Wax on, Wax off' line. Only was it that later in life I realized I could use that line for my own perverted comedic purposes.

These pictures are cute and adorable. Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith just learning from one another really melts my heart. The pic in the middle is really hilarious for some reason. As a bonus, you've got the innocent tween romance moment. The precious movie will be coming to you June of 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Stop changing the title!!! I know there was only one change, but that's one too many!
Source: JoBlo.com



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