Karl Marx biopic

This is pretty interesting to me, since I'm a Russian history student. There aren't any names attached to the project yet, but Haitian film-maker Raoul Peck (LUMUMBA) has signed on to make a film about the life of a young Karl Marx, the man who is often called the father of Communism. The film will cover the period 1830-1848, with Marx' time in Paris, his exile to Brussells and culminating with his writing of the Communist Manifesto. Jenny Westphalen, the woman Marx married will play a central role, and also said to figure in the film at some point, is Fredreich Engels, with whom Marx wrote his Manifesto. Even those of you that aren't familiar with Marx or the Russian Revolution in 1917 will be in some way or another familiar with Communism and the impact it had on the world, with the publishing of the Manifesto in 1848 still felt today. The film will be in the English language, and with a fairly young cast, as Producer Jacques Bidou says that "Raoul very definitely wants to make this a film for a wide public."
Extra Tidbit: It was once said of Karl Marx that "there are few thinkers in modern history whose thought has been so badly misrepresented, by Marxists and anti-Marxists alike."



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