Kate Decides to Die

Kate Bosworth has signed on to star in the upcoming adaptation of the Paulo Coelho novel VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE. In the film, Bosworth will star as a girl who attempted suicide and wakes up in the hospital. Her attempt but such a strain on her heart though, she's only given a few more days to live. During her last days she rediscovers love and the will to live. Life's a bitch like that, huh? Maybe you should find love and the the will to live before you kill yourself, not after. Emily Young, whose first film KISS OF LIFE premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, will direct from a script by Larry Gross and Roberta Hanley. Bosworth hasn't been seen on screen since her role as Lois Lane in SUPERMAN RETURNS but has the indie film THE GIRL IN THE PARK due later this year and the Sony blackjack flick 21 coming next year. Bosworth will reprise her role as Lois in SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL, whenever that project should get underway. Filming on VERONIKA is scheduled to begin this December in New York.

Extra Tidbit: Heterochromia iridium is the scientific name for having two eyes of different colors.



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