Kate talks Under 4

Kate Beggin-sale

I'd much rather watch Kate Beckinsale talk about her UnderWEAR, but seeing as I enjoyed the first UNDERWORLD film, I won't mind watching her talk about the impending 4th. Well, I won't mind WATCHING her, that's the keyword.

Promoting her upcoming thriller WHITEOUT during the weekend, the British Beauty that is Kate fielded questions from the folks of IESB on her Vamp vs Wolfe franchise, casually laughing off one rumor and semi-answering another.

Don't feel like watching that video? Well, she's not as striking as she can be, I'll give you that. Alright, she says the New Trilogy rumor is complete bullocks, and the 4th isn't developed enough to have anyone signed on yet.

WHITEOUT comes out in theaters September 11, that video chat is right down here, and I'm off watching Kate playing a vampire who's skin doesn't sparkle. She sparkles in other ways. wink-wink.

Extra Tidbit: My heart goes out to Michael Sheen every time I see pics of Kate looking like that...
Source: IESB



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