Katee Sackhoff is a Sexy Evil Genius

I know it's not fair to judge an actor by how much you dislike their characters, but man, do I hate Katee Sackhoff roles to date. Starbuck was the biggest loose end of the Battlestar Galactica finale, as her character was left "open to interpretation" (aka, the writers had no clue what to do with her), and most recently in 24, I have never wanted a character dead more than Dana Walsh.

But now she's making the jump to film, and perhaps I'll have more of a taste for her there. She's set to take the titular role in SEXY EVIL GENIUS, perhaps the best titled movie I've heard since LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS, where she plays a woman who lures a bunch of her exes to an LA bar where she plays mind games and exacts revenge on them.

The script is by Scott Lew, who actually suffers from Lou Gerig's disease, but managed to finish writing regardless. “When I started the script, which was just over a year ago, I could still mumble a bit, so I dictated what I could and used my head to point out words that I couldn't pronounce,” he says. “That was a lot faster than now. I lost my speech completely in June of this year.”

Shawn Piller, current helmer of ABC's Family's Greek is stepping up behind the camera for the indie film, and it's a concept that does pique my interest at the very least.

Extra Tidbit: I'd love to have all my ex-girlfriends end up in the same bar, not for revenge, but just so I could see a 12-way, free-for-all catfight for the ages.
Source: THR



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