Kevin Spacey to torture Jason Bateman in Horrible Bosses

To find the final horrible boss for their upcoming aptly titled comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES, New Line looked at actors ranging from Tom Cruise to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Eventually though they settled on an actor who got his start playing an evil boss. Kevin Spacey, whose breakthrough role was the abusive boss in SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, has signed on to BOSSES where he's play the most villainous boss of all.

In the film, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudiekis team up to each kill each other's bosses, who are making their lives miserable. Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell had previously been cast as the bosses of Day and Sudiekis and now Spacey comes aboard to play Bateman's boss; a "master manipulator" that's described as a "meaty" supporting role.

And assuming they don't change the character's name, Jamie Foxx is also onboard to play a rather colorful character named C*cksucker Jones. He got that name because, as he puts it in the script, "when some asshole f*cked with me, I cut off his c*ck and and shoved it in his mouth and left him in the street to bleed out and die like a little c*cksucking bitch." So yeah. (Aniston's character is also quite colorful as she graphically sexually harasses her employees.)

Filming on HORRIBLE BOSSES is set to begin July 6 in Los Angeles for director Seth Gordon. Spacey can be seen later this year in CASINO JACK.

Extra Tidbit: How is Jennifer Aniston sexually harassing you a bad thing?
Source: THR



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