Kick-Ass posters

It's certainly looking like KICK-ASS was a gamble that will pay off. Director Matthew Vaughn (STARDUST, LAYER CAKE) independently financed the movie, based on the high-concept shock book by WANTED comic writer Mark Millar. Massive fan response at Comic Con then led to a studio bidding war, and now Lionsgate has the movie coming out in April (with enough confidence to bump Sly's THE EXPENDABLES from that date into August).

The ultraviolent story revolves around a geeky teen who randomly decides to become a costumed hero (cleverly named, um, Kick-Ass), and mostly fails at it quite painfully. Nic Cage and Chloe Moretz play a violent father-daughter crimefighter team, Mark Strong is the gangster in their sights, and SUPERBAD's Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a costumed competitor named Red Mist.

We're starting to catch some more buzz on the flick, including word from advance screenings and now a series of poster images at IGN. Click the amateur superhero below to check them out!

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope we see a non-bootleg redband trailer soon...
Source: IGN



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