Killer remade

John Woo's 1989 classic THE KILLER is getting what's being referred to as a 'Hollywood remake', except it's not going entirely that way. We're not going to be getting Nicolas Cage or someone like that playing the lead, because apparently even though the film is being moved to LA, the lead is going to be a Korean star. "The actor has to be Korean in this version, but also, L.A. is a character in the film", Terrence Chang, Woo's long time collaborator and producer told The Hollywood Reporter. John H Lee (A MOMENT TO REMEMBER) is going to be taking the directorial duties on the flick and he had the following to say; "I ask myself why they chose me and whether I can top it... But then I realize it's not about making it better. It's about making my own version. My strength is dealing with human emotions, austerity and elegance." Well, I'm down with this, THE KILLER was f*cking great. I just hope some doves can be worked in to the thing as a tribute.
Extra Tidbit: Body count for the original THE KILLER? 120.



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