Knightley, Hopkins, Lear

In a move surprising to no-one, Keira Knightley has joined another period piece, in the form of an adaptation of William Shakespeare's King Lear. Anthony Hopkins will play the king, with Knightley playing his youngest daughter, Cordelia. The film will have a budget of $35 million and will "feature epic battle scenes".

Lear is the story of a king who divides his kingdom amongst his three daughters, with each being given land in direct correlation with how much they demonstrate their love for their father in speech. Cordelia, that rebel, is the favorite daughter, but refuses to play ball.

Hopkins is a great actor, but let's face it at this point the only logical progression for Keira Knightley's career is for her to star in a period piece and play every role. She doesn't need that guy. It would be a medieval version of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, except instead of just playing all of the human roles, she'd play the old trees and the crumbling buildings too.
Extra Tidbit: Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently tipped to take the role of Regan, the treacherous middle daughter.
Source: Telegraph



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