Knowing stuff about G.I. Joe 2 is half the battle

Aside from the return of Rachel Nichols, the best thing about a G.I. JOE sequel is that it's currently being written by ZOMBIELAND guys Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who are also working on bringing DEADPOOL to screens in a way that erases his abuse in WOLVERINE).

Don't worry, fans of Stephen Sommers' ostentatiously goofy JOE origin story -- the writers are definitely doing a direct sequel. "We can say that we will be faithful to the first film," Reese tells MTV. "We will not be ignoring events from the first in the second."

And how can they possibly outdo the first movie's bouncy silver suits and rampant destruction of property? "They blew up a lot of stuff," Reese says. "We hope for it to be as fun, that the characters really pop. We’ll be introducing some new characters." Let's hope their definition of "pop" does not mean "more excruciating Marlon Wayans comic relief."

The duo is heading to Hasbro HQ (the Pit?) to check out the toys, which will help dictate which characters show up in the script. Fingers crossed for Drednoks.

Extra Tidbit: The villain Serpentor was made from the DNA of Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Sun Tzu, Alexander the great, and Ivan the Terrible. Plus he's a fun dinner guest.
Source: MTV



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