Kunis, Family Guy

Moviehole recently got the chance to speak about the prospect of a Family Guy movie, with the beautiful Mila Kunis.

"Here’s the thing. The thing about cartoon films that I learned – I was a big fan of Simpsons. I was like, “Why won’t they put a movie out?” And I didn’t understand it, ‘til I was in the show. It takes so much longer to put a cartoon together, and make it into a film, and make it relevant to when it comes out. It’s like, six years. It’s incredibly time-consuming. Because you have to first process it, write it. However you write it, you process the drawings, and all the stuff that goes into it. By the time it’s done, the world is a different world. So half of your jokes are null and void. So you have to go in and re-do the jokes. What’s great about the South Park stuff is the fact that their turn-around is two, three weeks. Ours is very similar to Simpsons. I mean, Simpsons—God bless `em for doing it. It’s incredibly exhausting to put a movie out."

You might ask yourself where is the interviewer? Did he really just let her ramble on and on like that? But put yourself in a room with Mila Kunis. Do you think you could realistically hold a conversation? I heard the government gives out Purple Heart medals to the journalists that don't molest her or just randomly start whacking off while she's sorting out her microphone.
Extra Tidbit: Kunis' favorite movie is DIRTY DANCING.
Source: Moviehole



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